Engineering noise measurements

Engineering noise measurements are performed for these sources of noise:

  • Ventilation fans;
  • Recuoperators;
  • Elavators;
  • Water heaters, water pumps and other ancillary equipment;
  • Disposal chutes;
  • Garage gates;
  • Cooling and heating equipment;
  • Washbasins, bathtubs, showers, water taps, toilet bowls, sounds emitted by water systems;
  • Other engineering equipment.

Sound levels emitted by engineering equipment are measured according to the LST EN ISO 16032:2004 standard: "Acoustics - Measurement of sound pressure level from service equipment in buildings - Engineering method". By the wish of a client, the space reverberation that has influence on the size of the final result is evaluated.

Measurements of motor vehicle and industrial noise

Measurements are performed according to the LST ISO 1996-2:2008, LST ISO 1996-2:2008/P:2010 standard: "Acoustics - Description, measurement and assessment of environmental noise - Part 2".

Physical measurements of work places (lighting, microclimate, noise)

Measurements are performed accring to these standards or hygiene standards:

  • LST ISO 9612:2009 "Acoustics - Determination of occupational noise exposure - Engineering method";
  • HN 98:2014 "Natural and artificial lighting of workplaces. Limit values and general requirements for measuring";
  • HN 69:2003 "Thermal comfort and sufficient thermal environment in the working premises. Standard values of the parameters and measurement requirements".

These measurements are applicabe to all employee activities in companies, establishments, organizations or other organizational structures and their work places of any sort of economic activity, where employees are or might be in danger of health hazard. The employer has to take into account the results of occupational risk evaluation and take appropriate action to lessen or eliminate those risks.

Measurements of environmental conditions (lighting, indoor climate)

Measurements are performed according to these hygiene standards:

  • HN 98:2014 "Natural and artificial lighting of workplaces. Limit values and general requirements for measuring".
  • HN 42:2009 "Microclimate in dwellings and public buildings."

These measurements are performed in order to evaluate the lighting and microclimate of multi-dwelling buildings, residential buildings, buildings of accommodation and public buildings.